The City of Mesquite and Mesquite ISD (MISD) have partnered with Dallas County for the collection of taxes. Starting April 01, 2024, Dallas County, through it's Tax Assessor - Collector, will be responsible for collecting ad valorem property taxes on behalf of the City and MISD for properties located in both Dallas and Kaufman Counties.

Please note that moving forward, annual tax statements will be mailed to you by Dallas County, not by the City if Mesquite.

For information on payment options, please visit the Dallas County Tax Office website.


A Public Improvement District (PID) is a special request created at the request at the developer in the district. Property owners pay a supplemental assessment in addition to their taxes, which is used to pay off the public funds to the developer for project costs associated with the property. PIDs can be used for water, sewers, and infrastructure. PIDs can also be used for sidewalks, roadways, landscaping, parks and recreation, public safety/security, parking facilities, affordable housing, etc.